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Strengthening food security and livelihoods (eastern Sudan)

External, end-of-project evaluation reviewing a three-year project to strengthen food security and livelihoods in eastern Sudan, where a long-term trend of reducing rainfall has negatively impacted the ability of people to adequately feed themselves and derive a livelihood from the land. The project’s focus on supporting women has brought positive impacts both in terms of food security and economic stability for households.

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Water and sanitation (Bangladesh)

Improving Access to Health, WATSAN Services, Education and Freedom from Violence in Cox’s Bazar. End-of-term evaluation of an 18-month emergency to development programme for unregistered refugees from Myanmar and host communities. This multisectoral evaluation reviewed progress achieved by international, national and government actors, providing evidence-based recommendations for scaling up in a planned next phase of work.

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Livelihood recovery (Nigeria)

Evaluation of the Integrated Community-based Development Programme (2017). Mid-term evaluation of a two-year “bridging phase” project in support of 54 communities affected by the Boko Haram insurgency in northeast Nigeria. The main focus of this project was community development.

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Enhancing water management (Malawi)

End-of-project evaluation to access project achievements. Findings from this highly successful initiative have been used to influence a new extension to other communities and inform local and national advocacy on water rights and climate justice. Findings were based on interviews with more than 400 households, and
consultations with project partners and government institutions.

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Climate change resilience (Myanmar)

Mid-term review of DfID’s flagship Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) project. Lead consultant for this review, focusing on communities facing a range of hazards in three ecological areas, assessing impacts and progress after 18 months of implementation. The review focused on a combination of analyses concerning specific project activities as well as institutional effectiveness. Successful initiatives were celebrated and corrective actions identified allowing recommendations for project and budgetary revisions to be made at this mid-point stage of implementation.

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